49th Annual 100 Grand Bicycle Tour

The Wheelmen's original touring event travels throughout Kent, Ottawa, and neighboring counties. The proceeds from this ride provide nearly 50% of the Club's annual income to support activities year-round. The ride offers five routes with rest stops approximately every 20 miles, great food, and SAG service to assist with on-the-road repairs and emergencies.

Volunteers ride free!

Questions about the ride? Contact our Event Director listed below!

2023 Ride

49th Annual
100 Grand Bicycle Tour
Saturday, July 1, 2023

Registration and the course open at 8am! Registration will be open until 2pm or so.  We ask that folks be finished on the course by 4pm, and not start a new loop after 3pm.

Start Location and Times

Please notice our new start location!  We'll be starting and finishing at Grant Pavilion at Secchia Meadows in Millennium Park.

Start Location: Grant Pavilion, 1415 Maynard Ave SW, Walker, MI 49534

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Rest Stops and Party?!

Rest stops are every 20 miles or so along each route (unless otherwise noted) and are stocked with homemade cookies, fruit, snacks, Gatorade, and water.

We will be trying something a little different this year.  We will be having our much-delayed club 50(ish) Year Celebration!  It was supposed to be in 2020, but some things came up, so celebrate with us this year.  It will be combined with our first West Michigan Cycling Expo.  Find out more at the Expo and Reunion page!


Register Online at BikeReg.com

Preregistration Prices
  Single Family
Member $30 $50
Non-Member $40 $60


All our memberships are family/household memberships!
Any two or more folks from a household count as a single family entry.
(We will need a simple form filled out with everyone's name and age so we know who's on the road!)
Join the club for ride discount and other membership benefits!

All prices rise by $20 for day
We would like to encourage pre-registration for planning as well as due to the pandemic, please preregister if you can.
Note that preregistration closes late on the Thursday before the ride.

Day-Of Prices
  Single Family
Member $50 $70
Non-Member $60 $80


Rider Safety

Helmets are required for every rider on a club ride or event. Riders under the age of 16 must ride with an adult. Headphones should not be worn while riding.

Rules of the Road

Please note that this is a leisure tour, not a race, and that we are riding on open roads, not a closed course. Riders are responsible for following all state and local laws regarding road use. Please respect and be courteous of other riders and our fellow road users. (need a refresher?)


2022 Routes:

Details to come on 2023 routes, here are last year's routes to tide you over:

Our routes this year will be a bit different that in the past, but roll along some of the same roads we usually hit - plus a few new ones.

This year we bring just over 170 miles of riding to our bike tour!  All the riding is done in loops based from Grose Park, so ride as much or as little as you would like!

Lamont 40 - We wouldn't want to miss our rest stop in Lamont in the namesake CRC overlooking the Grand River!  This paved route takes you 40 miles on gently rolling hills.
Find the electronic route on RideWithGPS - 2022 100 Grand Lamont 40 Paved

Upper 30 - This 31 mile paved route is a slight reduction of the traditional Upper 40 swinging through Grant and Casnovia.  As mapped, the route is all paved, but a gravel shortcut is available for the adventurous.
Find the electronic route on RideWithGPS - 2022 100 Grand Upper 30 Paved

Hills Loop - This 30 mile paved loop is only slightly more hilly than some of the others, but the hills here are shorter and sharper than the other routes, and they keep on coming.  Great for a challenge!
Find the electronic route on RideWithGPS - 2022 100 Grand Hills 30

Lamont 50 (Gravel) - If you don't want to miss our Lamont rest stop, but also want to ride gravel, and to do a longer route, this is the loop for you.  There is only the one rest stop at mile 19, so be prepared - a party store is available at Nunica.
Find the electronic route on RideWithGPS - 2022 100 Grand Lamont 50 Gravel

Upper 20 (Gravel) - This 20 mile gravel loop is all about one big hill.  Be sure to look back when you near the top of Peters Road.  The view is fantastic!
Find the electronic route on RideWithGPS - 2022 100 Grand Upper 20 Gravel

As noted, we have over 170 miles of routes - over 100 miles paved and 70 miles of gravel.  Paved routes will be marked and all routes will have paper maps available at the start.

For those who use RideWithGPS, the routes can be viewed as a collection here:
2022 100 Grand RideWithGPS Route Collection

If you have any questions or comments about the event, contact the 100 Grand Event director, Evan Wilson

Evan Wilson