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We welcome riders of all ages and offer rides for all levels - from beginners to experienced cyclists. If you enjoy cycling, want to develop good riding skills, or are looking for a fun and healthy group activity, then become a member today!

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Time Trial Results

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Results 2019-05-13

Another minor miracle last night, as in only the second week of the time trials this year, we had ANOTHER RECORD BROKEN in as many weeks! Chris Ostberg in his first time ever on our course, broke the Merckx category record set by Jason Carpenter in 2018 (38:28) with a 36:54, about a minute and a half faster. When Chris contacted me last week, he sounded confident he could pull off the feat, and after confirming the requirements of the Merckx category, did exactly as he claimed he would. Since this category was new last year, I suspected that record could be broken easily for some time, and Chris proved me correct. But a 37 minute time on a regular road bike is pretty good, so we'll see how long this record lasts.

A small turnout this week as the cool temps are cooling off the riders. Still , two Junior riders burned up the course (Judah Gustafson and Hayden Fox) both posted sub 35 minute times. I think that's very impressive in cool weather so early in the year. 

Hopefully next week will be warmer, and the competition will be HOT!

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Results 2019-05-06

A light turnout last night, as it was cool and cloudy, slight chance of meatballs. Maybe I'm getting mixed up with some movie. Anyway, thanks for everyone that showed up, including Alison Gase who helped me verify a NEW COURSE RECORD in the Hand Cycle category by newcomer Matthew Chaffee. He posted a time of 40:31, which eclipsed the 2013 record set by Brad Baumann of 44:55 by over 4 minutes! Rarely are records broken by such large margins, so I think this record will stand for quite awhile. Matthew tells me that he's training for a national competition, and I'd say he's well on his way if he can maintain 22+ mph using JUST HIS ARMS. Remarkable accomplishment. He'll be back this year and attempt another record, so this is likely not his last crack at it.

Hopefully we'll see everyone next week - think about warmer and sunnier weather!

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