Maple Leaf - Past Ride Info


We had rain in the morning during setup, rain at the end during teardown, and a few short, intense storms in the afternoon, but in between we had 4-5 hours of beautiful, sunny weather.

17 of our 23 pre-registered riders showed up. A few hardy souls turned up during the morning rain, and then more trickled in from various areas as they started to realize they might get in a ride without drowning, after all!

We also had 10 day of registrations, including a family from East Lansing and several riders from the Kalamazoo/Mattawan/Decatur area.

After George Raimers, Linda Doran, Jochen Ditterich and Rob Strome help me set up camp, registrants were efficiently processed by Jochen Ditterich, Linda Dorn, and Rob Strome, then they went out and rode the beautiful courses that were designed by John Crankshaw and expertly marked by Bob Ayars, Alison Gase, Judy Crankshaw, Frank Brichetto, and Randy Higgins.

Dr. Dave Durkee, Jochen Ditterich, and Lloyd and Alyssa Robinson drove SAG and made sure that our riders were on course with no mechanicals, and swept the routes at the end to make sure that no rider (especially George Raimers, who went out for a last minute ride in the pouring rain to get out of helping with cleanup!) were left behind.

The riders came in hungry, and hungrily devoured the excellent food that was purchased by Dennis Hamel and Kathy Ryktarsyk (who "gophered" all the stuff that Dennis and I forgot), deliverd by Beth and Michael Hamel, and grilled by George Raimers, Lloyd and Alyssa Robinson, and Kathy Ryktarsyk.

Many of the volunteers stuck around to the end to help Abe & Rosalie Bangma with the cleanup at the end. The help was much appreciated, as the rain was coming down in buckets at that point, and the park was flooded a couple inches deep in water!

Someone suggested to me that I organize a Maple Leaf bike ride in Texas, which is currently suffering a terrible drought. Although we began and ended in the rain, this is probably the 2nd best weather we've had for Maple Leaf!