Bag Balm

Bag BalmBag Balm is a ride from Rockford to Cadillac and back on Memorial Day weekend. The ride starts 7:30am at the Rockford Municipal Parking Lot on Main St behind the Peppermill Restaurant. The restaurant will be open for breakfast and most are fuelling up there before the ride.

It is supported by A SAG vehicle with all the supplies you need. These include water, Gatorade, Coke, Ensure, lemonade, cookies, brownies, aussie bites, an assortment of fruit and whatever other goodie we can think of. Lunch is provide on Saturday and Sunday. Pizza for dinner Saturday evening at the hotel.

This ride is not for the casual rider. you must be able to ride at a steady 15 mph for 115 miles. The ride is on the White Pine Trail for only a short time each morning and then is primarily on quiet secondary roads. The fee includes all the food and snacks you will need.

If you don't know what to expect, read Susanne's report of her first trip:

"2012: My First Bag Balm"

We are staying at the Days Inn in Cadillac and the cost for this trip is $110. What a deal!
Registration for the Bag Balm ride begin in April. Please send a check for $110.00 made out to Terry Vanderkolk at 6754 Gracepoint Dr., Caledonia, MI 49316

Registration includes meals lunch on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. It also includes all the snacks you will need on the ride. Bring your own beer, we will have a cooler for it. Registration information should include your e-mail address and cell phone number. If you have a preference for a roommate please include that and we will accommodate as best we can.

Bag Balm
Saturday, May 26-27, 2018

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Start Time and Location

Start Time: 7:30am sharp

Start Location: Rockford Municipal Parking Lot on Main St (behind the Peppermill Restaurant), Rockford MI