Grand River Ave., Ada, MI
15 mile course 

We had the highest turnout at the Time Trials this year for many years with 232 racers and 19 volunteers.  Annual results are included in this newsletter, and award certificates and prizes will be given out at the October club meeting.
We want to thank the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company who supported us in many ways.  They paid for parts of the Adopt A Road picnic this summer and the end of season picnic.  Additionally, they have generously supplied us with prizes for the 2010 Category Points Contest.  We know that they have encouraged many local racers to come out to the Time Trials so we can also thank them in a large part for the record participation this year.  Their generosity has not gone unnoticed.  Please be sure to thank them when you go to the shop!

Regarding the Category Points Contest, I want to remind everyone that the maximum possible points vary by category.  It is not possible to attain the same number of points in the Children’s or Women’s or Men’s Categories.  Each category has a different set of rules.  If you are curious how points are awarded, please visit our website.  The amount of points increases with the number of participants in the category.  The main thing to remember is that the place winners in every category receive equal kudos for their efforts! 

There are many ties in the points contest.  These ties were broken by giving the advantage to the rider with the fastest personal best time.  In case of a tie in personal best time, I went to the second personal best time.

The points contest represents several facets of Time Trialing.  Mainly, points are given out for the fastest speed, and you will see that most of the higher places are earned by very fast riders.  Additionally, participation is a factor because points are given every time someone participates.  The more you participate, the higher you will place.  Lastly, points are given for volunteerism.  Many times volunteers give up riding in the Time Trials in order to help hold the event.  Any volunteer riding in the Time Trials at least once will receive volunteer points for each time s/he volunteers. 

This is the first year we have had a points contest.  If you have ideas or suggestions about how to improve the contest, please send me an e-mail.  We will consider all suggestions.

The Williams brothers, David and Nathan, had personal best times breaking the overall course records set in past years.  Unfortunately, we had not posted someone at the turn-around for the course records to be official.  Still, we would like to congratulate both for their awesome accomplishments.  David Williams broke the professional course record of 30:01 set in 2006 by Tom Zirbel with a finish time of 29:39.  Nathan Williams broke the amateur course record 30:27 set by Jason Swiatlowski in 1996 with a finish time of 30:06.

Thank you to all the participants for the card and for the generous gift certificate to the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company!  It will come in handy.  All 18 Time Trial volunteers gave many hours of time to make the event happen.  Don’t forget to thank them too.  I am only one of many. 

                       Amy Haney
                       Becky Cushman
                       Bob Ayars
                       Brett Kirby
                       Brian Bangma
                       Cal Hekman
                       Carolyn Chapman
                       Connie Szymczak
                       Dave Durkee
                       Dennis Hamel
                       Geri Finch
                       Jeff Haney
                       Jim Allen
                       Jochen Ditterich
                       John Crankshaw
                       Judy Crankshaw
                       Kim Kordecki
                       Mark Hotchkin
                       Michael Walenta
                       Mike Hamel
                       Ron David
                       Scott Chapman
                       Other TMI Chaperones

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Carolyn Chapman timetrials@rapidwheelmen.com
(616) 868-five-two-one-seven

2010 Annual Results by Class

1Cermak, Brian0:35:27
1Martin, Drew0:35:27
2Bierling, Joel0:36:05
2Hamel, Dennis0:36:05
3Durkee, Dave0:38:59
3Hamel, Dennis0:38:59
4Christensen, Nick0:42:18
4Cushman, Logan0:42:18
5Ball, Josh0:43:22
5Ball, Mike 0:43:22
6Buursma, Jacob0:47:04
6Buursma, John0:47:04
7Swanson, Kurt0:48:21
7Swanson, Sue0:48:21
8Christensen, Nick0:52:12
8Hamel, Katie0:52:12
1Bierling, Joel0:37:04
1Durkee, Dave0:37:04
1Lee, Kim0:37:04
2Bierling, Joel0:39:16
2Dillbeck, Daniel0:39:16
2Durkee, Dave0:39:16
3Bangma, Tiffany0:39:49
3Henderson, Kristin0:39:49
3Martin, Abby0:39:49
4Hamel, Dennis0:54:17
4Hamel, Katie0:54:17
4Reeves, Chloe0:54:17
1Ball, Josh0:45:22
1Ball, Mike 0:45:22
1Bierling, Joel0:45:22
1Christensen, Nick0:45:22
Griffith, Aaronno time
Hansen, Ericno time
Minnema, Jimino time
Perry, Joeno time
Rose, Scottno time
Schweihofer, Sarahno time
BURLEY CLASS (Adult with Buggy)
Bierling, Joelno time
1Christensen, Nick0:41:12
1Haney, Jeff0:39:51
2Standley, Karen0:48:06
3Durkee, Dave0:48:18
4Hansen, Helen0:54:11
5Barrons, Kevin1:03:57
1Durkee, Dave0:39:45
2Sears, Josh0:41:27
3Scholten, Jeff0:43:12
4Phillips, Ryan0:45:00
1Zvirzdinis, Christine0:41:05
1Zvirzdinis, Jeff0:41:05
2Kirby, Brett0:44:45
2Kirby, Lisa0:44:45
3Baumann, Kevin0:45:11
3Baumann, Scott0:45:11
4Dillbeck, Daniel0:55:31
4Dillbeck, Michaela0:55:31
1Baumann, Kevin0:41:28
2Cushman, Logan0:44:21
3Korienek, Keegan0:46:10
4DeVries, David0:46:45
5Ball, Josh0:48:34
6McLain, Anthony0:50:27
7Hamel, Katie0:50:52
8Logins, Dajuan (Scooter)0:51:01
9Jones, Ian0:53:06
10Reeves, Chloe0:54:03
11Korienek, Ellie0:59:36
12Romero, Luis1:03:21
13Rufus, Alexia1:03:53
14Logins, Jamal1:04:36
15Reeves, Claire1:18:23
16Rufus, Kiki1:26:44
1Woodring, Mackenzie0:36:08
1Pawielski, Keri0:37:08
2Miedema, Tarra0:38:02
3Musto, Toni0:38:21
4Everts, Kathy 0:38:53
5Bangma, Tiffany0:38:56
6Gaunt, Susanna0:38:56
7Carpenter-Rosa, Kattie0:39:07
8Schweihofer, Sarah0:39:28
9Haney, Amy0:39:51
10Henderson, Kristin0:40:05
11Kubiak, Heather0:40:17
12Vanderark, Kristin0:40:36
13Martin, Abby0:40:51
14Reeves, Zoe0:40:53
15Kramer, Connie0:41:10
16Swanson, Sue0:41:31
17Havens, Cheryl0:41:33
18Van Dyk, Sarah0:41:42
19Kruse, Pam0:41:45
20Goi, Simona0:42:03
21Korienek, Laura0:42:09
22Clark, Chelsea0:42:47
23Crankshaw, Judy0:42:52
24Webster, Erin0:43:14
25Szymczak, Connie0:43:38
26Soderman, Leigh0:44:04
27Coleman, Tammy0:44:13
28Garrett, Jane0:44:17
29Moran, Tammy0:44:21
30Michermerhuizen, Marci0:44:21
31Huffman, Lori0:44:32
32Garrett, Sarah0:44:51
33VanHaitsma, Roberta0:45:07
34Gase, Alison0:45:27
35Becker, Michelle0:45:29
36Standley, Karen0:46:07
37Burd, Joy0:46:14
38Williams, Julia0:46:47
39Trout, Maryam0:46:48
40Hansen, Helen0:46:48
41Martin, Leslie 0:47:52
42Townsend, Kendra0:47:53
43Mead, Lisa0:48:43
44Cermak, Gabriela0:49:22
45Muller, Leslie0:49:50
46Kordecki, Kim0:49:52
47Baumann, Elizabeth0:50:22
48Snyder, Pat0:51:34
49Stenson, Shannon0:51:35
50Hamel, Beth0:51:38
51Labadie, Laurie0:51:47
52Wieber, Rochelle0:51:57
53Duggan, Amy0:53:25
54Dalman, Barb1:01:44
1Williams, David 0:29:39
1Williams, Nathan0:30:06
2Burke, Tom0:30:59
3Korienek, Dan0:32:23
4Minnema, Jimi0:32:52
5Trout, Jim0:33:11
6Hotchkin, Mark0:33:41
7Haney, Jeff0:34:01
8Harner, Joel0:34:06
9Martin, Drew0:34:20
10Swanson, Kurt0:34:40
11Grzanka, Chuck0:34:42
12Randall, Marshall0:34:43
13Achterhof, John0:34:45
14Bangma, Brian0:35:01
15Bonga, Roger0:35:12
16Bunn, Fred0:35:16
17Lee, Kim0:35:28
18Dettman, Marc0:35:38
19VanderLugt, Phil0:35:44
20DeYoung, Perry0:35:48
21Rawlings, Craig0:35:53
22Deboer, Dave0:36:02
23Wilkinson, Sam0:36:11
24Ryskamp, Dave0:36:17
25Griffith, Aaron0:36:19
26Smitter, Jordan0:36:21
27Havens, Paul0:36:24
28Becker, Matt0:36:46
29Horne, Dave0:36:55
30Lemke, Nick0:37:02
31Hollebeek, Dirk0:37:04
32Daprato, Dave0:37:05
33Bierling, Joel0:37:11
34Law, Jason0:37:14
35Miller, Chris0:37:19
36Hamel, Dennis0:37:25
37Van Strien, Kyle 0:37:25
38Baumann, Scott0:37:28
39Dyke, James 0:37:28
40Van Ess, Craig0:37:31
41Olsa, John0:37:33
42Mead, Matt0:37:34
43Cermak, Brian0:37:44
44Smith, Paul0:37:52
45O'Brien, Peter0:37:59
46DeSatterlee, Mark0:37:59
47Zeitunian, Eric0:38:01
48Klackle, Steve0:38:04
49Lintemuth, Dave0:38:06
50Carpenter, Jack0:38:10
51Wagner, Alex0:38:10
52Boughner, Lee0:38:15
53Durkee, Dave0:38:23
54Spaman, Chad0:38:26
55Ostrander, Rick0:38:29
56Karel, David0:38:32
57Gibson, Joel0:38:34
58Bloch, Chris0:38:37
59Hodson, Dave0:38:38
60Gerard, Jacob0:38:47
61Lovely, Brian0:38:51
62Arms, Clint0:38:53
63Hatfield, Jonathan0:38:54
64Potapa, Bill0:38:58
65Martin, Tom0:39:00
66Sears, Josh0:39:01
67Veltema, Adam0:39:03
68Boyle, John0:39:08
69Rozegnal, Joseph0:39:11
70Wildt, Larry0:39:21
71Guntern, Chris0:39:25
72Neibarger, Eric 0:39:29
73Crysler, Doug 0:39:34
74Ruch, Alex0:39:35
75Labadie, Michael0:39:39
76Johnson, Darrell0:39:46
77Phillips, Ryan0:39:54
78Cusack, Tim0:40:01
79Christensen, Nick0:40:02
80Gunnink, Dean0:40:09
81Duiven, Greg0:40:15
82Lehmann, Mark0:40:15
83Vanderark, Bryan0:40:16
84Belland, Scott0:40:21
85Collins, Kevin0:40:22
86Sherman, Bert0:40:25
87Hansen, Eric0:40:31
88Ruch, Michael0:40:35
89Hoeve, Nicholas0:40:38
90Pascucci, Phil0:40:40
91Freed, Michael0:40:40
92Dykstra, Todd0:40:40
93Kring, Don0:40:43
94Ayars, Bob0:40:46
95Throop, John0:40:48
96Van Coevering, Jack0:40:50
97Converse, Christian0:40:55
98Cole, Eric0:41:05
99Kovacs, Joseph0:41:06
100Garbowitz, Dan 0:41:09
101Crankshaw, John0:41:13
102Webster, Stephen0:41:20
103McIntyre, Adam0:41:27
104Smigiel, Steve0:41:40
105Kirby, Brett0:41:43
106Dillbeck, Daniel0:41:44
107Burrows, Josh0:41:48
108Doan, Dennis0:41:50
109Loeks, JD0:41:51
110Hekman, Cal0:41:53
112Sumners, Mike0:41:56
113Steinhardt, George0:42:07
114Brasic, Jon0:42:07
115Carr, Troy0:42:15
116Duggan, Joshua0:42:18
117Smit, Jeff0:42:30
118Winchester, Randy0:42:31
119Hesche, Keith0:43:01
120Petersen, Jeff0:43:04
121Chapman, Scott0:43:04
122Gordon, Michael0:43:09
123Mills, Josh0:43:14
124Van Meurs, Dan0:43:21
125Brichetto, Frank0:43:22
126Poskey, Douglas0:43:25
127Perry, Joe0:43:28
128Krestakos, Bob0:43:39
129Bierling, Neal0:43:44
130Walenta, Michael0:43:51
131Burke, Darren0:43:55
132Albrecht, Aaron0:44:01
133Raimer, George0:44:03
134Scholten, Jeff0:44:21
135Booth, Scott0:44:24
136Rose, Scott0:44:33
137Fox, Phil0:44:39
138Haney, Marcus 0:44:56
139Smedes, Tad0:44:58
140Rogers, Todd0:46:06
141Basler, CJ 0:46:22
142Cheadle, Phil0:46:28
143Velting, Ryan0:46:39
144Christensen, Jerry0:46:51
145Harmon, Andrew0:46:51
146DeVries, Curt0:47:21
147Schad, Tim0:48:03
148Rogers, Brian0:48:19
149Brumbaugh, Ernie0:48:27
150Vitton, James0:49:36
151Bruxvoort, Jim0:53:26
152Brown, David0:56:56
153Schneider, Johnno time


 2010 Annual Results Overall

1Williams, David P0:29:39
2Williams, NathanM0:30:06
3Burke, TomM0:30:59
4Korienek, DanM0:32:23
5Minnema, JimiM0:32:52
6Trout, JimM0:33:11
7Hotchkin, MarkM0:33:41
8Haney, JeffM0:34:01
9Harner, JoelM0:34:06
10Martin, DrewM0:34:20
11Swanson, KurtM0:34:40
12Grzanka, ChuckM0:34:42
13Randall, MarshallM0:34:43
14Achterhof, JohnM0:34:45
15Bangma, BrianM0:35:01
16Bonga, RogerM0:35:12
17Bunn, FredM0:35:16
18Cermak, Brian2PT0:35:27
18Martin, Drew2PT0:35:27
19Lee, KimM0:35:28
20Dettman, MarcM0:35:38
21VanderLugt, PhilM0:35:44
22DeYoung, PerryM0:35:48
23Rawlings, CraigM0:35:53
24Deboer, DaveM0:36:02
25Bierling, Joel2PT0:36:05
25Hamel, Dennis2PT0:36:05
26Woodring, MackenzieP0:36:08
27Wilkinson, SamM0:36:11
28Ryskamp, DaveM0:36:17
29Griffith, AaronM0:36:19
30Smitter, JordanM0:36:21
31Havens, PaulM0:36:24
32Becker, MattM0:36:46
33Horne, DaveM0:36:55
34Lemke, NickM0:37:02
35Bierling, Joel3PT0:37:04
35Durkee, Dave3PT0:37:04
35Lee, Kim3PT0:37:04
35Hollebeek, DirkM0:37:04
36Daprato, DaveM0:37:05
37Pawielski, KeriF0:37:08
38Bierling, JoelM0:37:11
39Law, JasonM0:37:14
40Miller, ChrisM0:37:19
41Hamel, DennisM0:37:25
41Van Strien, Kyle M0:37:25
42Baumann, ScottM0:37:28
42Dyke, James M0:37:28
43Van Ess, CraigM0:37:31
44Olsa, JohnM0:37:33
45Mead, MattM0:37:34
46Cermak, BrianM0:37:44
47Smith, PaulM0:37:52
48DeSatterlee, MarkM0:37:59
48O'Brien, PeterM0:37:59
49Zeitunian, EricM0:38:01
50Miedema, TarraF0:38:02
51Klackle, SteveM0:38:04
52Lintemuth, DaveM0:38:06
53Carpenter, JackM0:38:10
53Wagner, AlexM0:38:10
54Boughner, LeeM0:38:15
55Musto, ToniF0:38:21
56Durkee, DaveM0:38:23
57Spaman, ChadM0:38:26
58Ostrander, RickM0:38:29
59Karel, DavidM0:38:32
60Gibson, JoelM0:38:34
61Bloch, ChrisM0:38:37
62Hodson, DaveM0:38:38
63Gerard, JacobM0:38:47
64Lovely, BrianM0:38:51
65Everts, Kathy F0:38:53
65Arms, ClintM0:38:53
66Hatfield, JonathanM0:38:54
67Bangma, TiffanyF0:38:56
67Gaunt, SusannaF0:38:56
68Potapa, BillM0:38:58
69Durkee, Dave2PT0:38:59
70Martin, TomM0:39:00
71Sears, JoshM0:39:01
72Veltema, AdamM0:39:03
73Carpenter-Rosa, KattieF0:39:07
74Boyle, JohnM0:39:08
75Rozegnal, JosephM0:39:11
76Dillbeck, Daniel3PT0:39:16
77Wildt, LarryM0:39:21
78Guntern, ChrisM0:39:25
79Schweihofer, SarahF0:39:28
80Neibarger, Eric M0:39:29
81Crysler, Doug M0:39:34
82Ruch, AlexM0:39:35
83Labadie, MichaelM0:39:39
84Durkee, DaveV0:39:45
85Johnson, DarrellM0:39:46
86Bangma, Tiffany3PT0:39:49
86Henderson, Kristin3PT0:39:49
86Martin, Abby3PT0:39:49
87Haney, AmyF0:39:51
87Haney, JeffMTN0:39:51
88Phillips, RyanM0:39:54
89Cusack, TimM0:40:01
90Christensen, NickM0:40:02
91Henderson, KristinF0:40:05
92Gunnink, DeanM0:40:09
93Duiven, GregM0:40:15
93Lehmann, MarkM0:40:15
94Vanderark, BryanM0:40:16
95Kubiak, HeatherF0:40:17
96Belland, ScottM0:40:21
97Collins, KevinM0:40:22
98Sherman, BertM0:40:25
99Hansen, EricM0:40:31
100Ruch, MichaelM0:40:35
101Vanderark, KristinF0:40:36
102Hoeve, NicholasM0:40:38
103Dykstra, ToddM0:40:40
103Freed, MichaelM0:40:40
103Pascucci, PhilM0:40:40
104Kring, DonM0:40:43
104Ayars, BobM0:40:46
105Throop, JohnM0:40:48
106Van Coevering, JackM0:40:50
107Martin, AbbyF0:40:51
108Reeves, ZoeF0:40:53
109Converse, ChristianM0:40:55
110Cole, EricM0:41:05
110Zvirzdinis, ChristineMFT0:41:05
110Zvirzdinis, JeffMFT0:41:05
111Kovacs, JosephM0:41:06
112Garbowitz, Dan M0:41:09
113Kramer, ConnieF0:41:10
114Christensen, NickFG0:41:12
115Crankshaw, JohnM0:41:13
116Webster, StephenM0:41:20
117McIntyre, AdamM0:41:27
117Sears, JoshV0:41:27
118Baumann, KevinC0:41:28
119Swanson, SueF0:41:31
120Havens, CherylF0:41:33
121Smigiel, SteveM0:41:40
122Van Dyk, SarahF0:41:42
123Kirby, BrettM0:41:43
124Dillbeck, DanielM0:41:44
125Kruse, PamF0:41:45
126Burrows, JoshM0:41:48
127Doan, DennisM0:41:50
128Loeks, JDM0:41:51
129Hekman, CalM0:41:53
130Sumners, MikeM0:41:56
131Goi, SimonaF0:42:03
132Brasic, JonM0:42:07
132Steinhardt, GeorgeM0:42:07
133Korienek, LauraF0:42:09
134Carr, TroyM0:42:15
135Christensen, Nick2PT0:42:18
135Cushman, Logan2PT0:42:18
135Duggan, JoshuaM0:42:18
136Smit, JeffM0:42:30
137Winchester, RandyM0:42:31
138Clark, ChelseaF0:42:47
139Crankshaw, JudyF0:42:52
140Hesche, KeithM0:43:01
141Chapman, ScottM0:43:04
141Petersen, JeffM0:43:04
142Gordon, MichaelM0:43:09
143Scholten, JeffV0:43:12
144Webster, ErinF0:43:14
144Mills, JoshM0:43:14
145Van Meurs, DanM0:43:21
146Ball, Josh2PT0:43:22
146Ball, Mike 2PT0:43:22
146Brichetto, FrankM0:43:22
147Poskey, DouglasM0:43:25
148Perry, JoeM0:43:28
149Szymczak, ConnieF0:43:38
150Krestakos, BobM0:43:39
151Bierling, NealM0:43:44
152Walenta, MichaelM0:43:51
153Burke, DarrenM0:43:55
154Albrecht, AaronM0:44:01
155Raimer, GeorgeM0:44:03
156Soderman, LeighF0:44:04
157Coleman, TammyF0:44:13
158Garrett, JaneF0:44:17
159Cushman, LoganC0:44:21
159Michermerhuizen, MarciF0:44:21
159Moran, TammyF0:44:21
159Scholten, JeffM0:44:21
160Booth, ScottM0:44:24
161Huffman, LoriF0:44:32
162Rose, ScottM0:44:33
163Fox, PhilM0:44:39
164Kirby, BrettMFT0:44:45
164Kirby, LisaMFT0:44:45
165Garrett, SarahF0:44:51
166Haney, Marcus M0:44:56
167Smedes, TadM0:44:58
168Phillips, RyanV0:45:00
169VanHaitsma, RobertaF0:45:07
170Baumann, KevinMMT0:45:11
170Baumann, ScottMMT0:45:11
171Ball, Josh4PT0:45:22
171Ball, Mike 4PT0:45:22
171Bierling, Joel4PT0:45:22
171Christensen, Nick4PT0:45:22
172Gase, AlisonF0:45:27
173Becker, MichelleF0:45:29
174Rogers, ToddM0:46:06
175Standley, KarenF0:46:07
176Korienek, KeeganC0:46:10
177Burd, JoyF0:46:14
178Basler, CJ M0:46:22
179Cheadle, PhilM0:46:28
180Velting, RyanM0:46:39
181DeVries, DavidC0:46:45
182Williams, JuliaF0:46:47
183Hansen, HelenF0:46:48
183Trout, MaryamF0:46:48
184Christensen, JerryM0:46:51
184Harmon, AndrewM0:46:51
185Buursma, Jacob2PT0:47:04
185Buursma, John2PT0:47:04
186DeVries, CurtM0:47:21
187Martin, Leslie F0:47:52
188Townsend, KendraF0:47:53
189Schad, TimM0:48:03
190Standley, KarenMTN0:48:06
191Durkee, DaveMTN0:48:18
192Rogers, BrianM0:48:19
193Swanson, Kurt2PT0:48:21
193Swanson, Sue2PT0:48:21
194Brumbaugh, ErnieM0:48:27
195Ball, JoshC0:48:34
196Mead, LisaF0:48:43
197Cermak, GabrielaF0:49:22
198Vitton, JamesM0:49:36
199Muller, LeslieF0:49:50
200Kordecki, KimF0:49:52
201Baumann, ElizabethF0:50:22
202McLain, AnthonyC0:50:27
203Hamel, KatieC0:50:52
204Logins, Dajuan (Scooter)C0:51:01
205Snyder, PatF0:51:34
206Stenson, ShannonF0:51:35
207Hamel, BethF0:51:38
208Labadie, LaurieF0:51:47
209Wieber, RochelleF0:51:57
210Hamel, Katie2PT0:52:12
211Jones, IanC0:53:06
212Duggan, AmyF0:53:25
213Bruxvoort, JimM0:53:26
214Reeves, ChloeC0:54:03
215Hansen, HelenMTN0:54:11
216Hamel, Dennis3PT0:54:17
216Hamel, Katie3PT0:54:17
216Reeves, Chloe3PT0:54:17
217Dillbeck, DanielMFT0:55:31
217Dillbeck, MichaelaMFT0:55:31
218Brown, DavidM0:56:56
219Korienek, EllieC0:59:36
220Dalman, BarbF1:01:44
221Romero, LuisC1:03:21
222Rufus, AlexiaC1:03:53
223Barrons, KevinMTN1:03:57
224Logins, JamalC1:04:36
225Reeves, ClaireC1:18:23
226Rufus, KikiC1:26:44
Griffith, Aaron6PTno time
Hansen, Eric6PTno time
Minnema, Jimi6PTno time
Perry, Joe6PTno time
Rose, Scott6PTno time
Schweihofer, Sarah6PTno time
Bierling, JoelBno time
Schneider, JohnMno time
   2PT     2 Person Team
   3PT     3 Person Team
   6PT     6 Person Team
   B        Adult with burley
   C        Children's Class
   F        Women's Amateur Class
   P        Professional Cyclist Class
   M       Amateur Men's Class
   MFT   Male/Female Tandem Class
   MMT   Male/Male Tandem Class
   MTN   Mountain Bike Class
   V        Vintage Bike Class


2010 Annual Points Standings

1Baumann, Kevin335
2Hamel, Katie190
3Korienek, Ellie110
4Ball, Josh75
5Korienek, Keegan55
6Buursma, Jacob45
7Dillbeck, Michaela45
8Cushman, Logan40
9DeVries, David40
10Logins, Dajuan (Scooter)40
11McLain, Anthony30
12Jones, Ian30
13Reeves, Chloe20
14Romero, Luis10
15Rufus, Alexia10
16Logins, Jamal10
17Reeves, Claire10
18Rufus, Kiki10
1Haney, Amy370
2Bangma, Tiffany290
3Henderson, Kristin210
4Schweihofer, Sarah165
5Martin, Abby165
6Crankshaw, Judy165
7Hansen, Helen150
8Miedema, Tarra130
9Szymczak, Connie125
10Kramer, Connie105
11Standley, Karen100
12Williams, Julia100
13Burd, Joy95
14Baumann, Elizabeth95
15Havens, Cheryl90
16Kubiak, Heather85
17Swanson, Sue85
18Van Dyk, Sarah80
19Korienek, Laura80
20Huffman, Lori80
21Musto, Toni75
22Gaunt, Susanna70
23Reeves, Zoe70
24Kordecki, Kim70
25Garrett, Sarah60
26Gase, Alison60
27Mead, Lisa40
28Labadie, Laurie40
29Woodring, Mackenzie35
30Pawielski, Keri35
31Everts, Kathy 35
32Clark, Chelsea35
33Carpenter-Rosa, Kattie30
34Goi, Simona30
35Soderman, Leigh30
36VanHaitsma, Roberta30
37Becker, Michelle30
38Cermak, Gabriela30
39Hamel, Beth30
40Vanderark, Kristin25
41Kruse, Pam25
42Garrett, Jane25
43Trout, Maryam20
44Martin, Leslie 20
45Duggan, Amy20
46Zvirzdinis, Christine15
47Kirby, Lisa15
48Webster, Erin10
49Coleman, Tammy10
50Michermerhuizen, Marci10
51Moran, Tammy10
52Townsend, Kendra10
53Muller, Leslie10
54Snyder, Pat10
55Stenson, Shannon10
56Wieber, Rochelle10
57Dalman, Barb10
1Haney, Jeff750
2Achterhof, John430
3Dettman, Marc385
4Swanson, Kurt375
5Martin, Drew330
6Ryskamp, Dave330
7Trout, Jim285
8Bangma, Brian280
9Chapman, Scott280
10Crankshaw, John240
11Bonga, Roger230
12Baumann, Scott230
13Grzanka, Chuck215
14Hotchkin, Mark210
15Randall, Marshall210
16Rawlings, Craig195
17Burke, Tom185
18Lee, Kim180
19Becker, Matt175
20Korienek, Dan165
21Hamel, Dennis160
22Hekman, Cal160
23Deboer, Dave155
24Harner, Joel150
25Krestakos, Bob145
26Durkee, Dave135
27Mead, Matt135
28Bierling, Joel130
29Phillips, Ryan125
30Smedes, Tad125
31Dillbeck, Daniel120
32Williams, Nathan115
33Minnema, Jimi115
34Labadie, Michael115
35Ruch, Michael110
36Carr, Troy110
37Horne, Dave100
38Lemke, Nick100
39Dyke, James 100
40Ruch, Alex100
41Smigiel, Steve100
42Brichetto, Frank100
43Bierling, Neal100
44Cermak, Brian95
45Wilkinson, Sam95
46Hansen, Eric95
47DeSatterlee, Mark90
47Van Strien, Kyle 85
49Veltema, Adam80
50Walenta, Michael80
51Olsa, John75
52Bunn, Fred70
53Gunnink, Dean70
54Hoeve, Nicholas70
55Ayars, Bob70
56Ball, Mike 70
57VanderLugt, Phil65
58Sears, Josh65
59Christensen, Nick65
60Williams, David 60
61Griffith, Aaron60
62Daprato, Dave60
63Karel, David60
64Arms, Clint60
65O'Brien, Peter55
66Boughner, Lee55
67DeYoung, Perry50
68Gibson, Joel50
69Hodson, Dave50
70Duiven, Greg50
71Sherman, Bert50
72Smit, Jeff50
73Brasic, Jon50
74Petersen, Jeff50
75Law, Jason45
76Van Ess, Craig45
77Gerard, Jacob45
78McIntyre, Adam45
79Perry, Joe45
80Buursma, John45
81Smith, Paul40
82Carpenter, Jack40
83Ostrander, Rick40
84Bloch, Chris40
85Martin, Tom40
86Johnson, Darrell40
87Belland, Scott40
88Throop, John40
89Converse, Christian40
90Cole, Eric40
91Steinhardt, George40
92Christensen, Jerry40
93DeVries, Curt40
94Kirby, Brett35
95Rose, Scott35
96Zeitunian, Eric30
97Rozegnal, Joseph30
98Pascucci, Phil30
99Freed, Michael30
100Kring, Don30
101Burrows, Josh30
102Hesche, Keith30
103Gordon, Michael30
104Van Meurs, Dan30
105Haney, Marcus 30
106Rogers, Todd30
107Hatfield, Jonathan25
108Smitter, Jordan20
109Lovely, Brian20
110Neibarger, Eric 20
111Van Coevering, Jack20
112Kovacs, Joseph20
113Garbowitz, Dan 20
114Webster, Stephen20
115Scholten, Jeff20
116Mills, Josh20
117Albrecht, Aaron20
118Raimer, George20
119Velting, Ryan20
120Havens, Paul15
121Klackle, Steve15
122Zvirzdinis, Jeff15
123Duggan, Joshua15
124Barrons, Kevin15
125Hollebeek, Dirk10
126Miller, Chris10
127Lintemuth, Dave10
128Wagner, Alex10
129Spaman, Chad10
130Potapa, Bill10
131Boyle, John10
132Wildt, Larry10
133Guntern, Chris10
134Crysler, Doug 10
135Cusack, Tim10
136Lehmann, Mark10
137Vanderark, Bryan10
138Collins, Kevin10
139Dykstra, Todd10
140Doan, Dennis10
141Loeks, JD10
142Sumners, Mike10
143Winchester, Randy10
144Poskey, Douglas10
145Burke, Darren10
146Booth, Scott10
147Fox, Phil10
148Basler, CJ 10
149Cheadle, Phil10
150Harmon, Andrew10
151Schad, Tim10
152Rogers, Brian10
153Brumbaugh, Ernie10
154Vitton, James10
155Bruxvoort, Jim10
156Brown, David10
157Schneider, John5
1Dave Durkee5 Classes
1Joel Bierling5 Classes
2Dan Dillbeck3 Classes
2Dennis Hamel3 Classes
2Josh Ball3 Classes
2Katie Hamel3 Classes
1Kevin Baumann14 Time Trials
2Katie Hamel10 Time Trials
3Ellie Korienek8 Time Trials
1Amy Haney14 Time Trials
2Abby Martin13 Time Trials
2Helen Hampshire13 Time Trials
3Kristin Henderson12 Time Trials
1Bob Krestakos15 Time Trials
1Scott Bauman15 Time Trials
2Jeff Haney14 Time Trials
2John Achterhof14 Time Trials
3Dave Ryskamp13 Time Trials
3Tad Smedes13 Time Trials
   Youngest Rider
   Michaela DillbeckC6 yrs
   Youngest Rider in an Adult Class
   Zoe Reeves F14 yrs
   Oldest (Most Mature) Rider
   Bob AyarsM68 yrs
2006  Tom Zirbel 0:30:01
1996   Jason Swiatlowski0:30:27
1998   Cecilia Potts0:34:55
2008   Toni Musto0:36:47
2008Karissa Whitsell
Mackenzie Woodring0:33:17
1997   Bob Ryskamp
   Brad Scott0:30:09
1999   Rick & Kim Lanting0:34:50
2004   Chris Evans0:34:30


2010 Weekly Results Summary
NameClassTotal Points5/3pts5/10pts5/17pts5/24pts6/7pts6/14pts6/21pts6/28pts7/5pts7/12pts7/19pts7/26pts8/2pts8/9pts8/16pts8/23pts8/30pts
Achterhof, JohnM4300:38:35100:37:51100:38:16100:38:3310  0:37:44100:36:4520    0:37:01100:35:06400:35:20500:34:51550:34:51550:34:45500:36:29500:36:2250
Albrecht, AaronM20            0:46:56100:44:0110                  
Arms, ClintM60  0:42:38100:40:53100:41:17100:40:14100:39:2010  0:38:5310                  
Ayars, BobM700:42:2210  0:41:3810  0:40:4910    0:40:4610V10  V10V10          
Ball, Josh2PT45    0:47:57100:47:0315              0:43:2210    0:46:1910    
Ball, Josh4PT15        0:45:2215                        
Ball, JoshC15          0:48:3415                      
Ball, Mike 2PT55    0:47:57100:47:0315              0:43:22100:49:1710  0:46:1910    
Ball, Mike 4PT15        0:45:2215                        
Bangma, BrianM2800:37:22350:36:55350:36:07350:37:41200:35:1950  0:35:1450    0:35:0145      V10      
Bangma, Tiffany3PT15                                0:39:4915
Bangma, TiffanyF275    0:40:40350:39:5430    0:39:48350:38:5635  0:40:0420  0:39:40300:41:00250:39:31300:39:0635    
Barrons, KevinMTN15                  1:03:5715              
Basler, CJ M10                0:46:2210                
Baumann, ElizabethF95          0:54:03100:51:2010  0:54:39100:51:08100:50:2210  0:54:49100:51:25100:52:04100:53:3315  
Baumann, KevinC320  0:47:51200:47:53250:46:3425  0:45:22250:42:5125  0:46:54250:42:44250:42:0125  0:41:58250:41:28250:42:42250:47:24250:46:2425
Baumann, KevinMMT150:45:1115                                
Baumann, ScottM215  0:46:50100:45:49100:43:5810  0:41:57100:41:20100:41:47100:40:46100:40:15100:39:3620  0:38:18100:38:15300:37:28100:39:33250:39:0540
Baumann, ScottMMT150:45:1115                                
Becker, MattM1750:38:21200:38:4610037:54100:38:1610    0:37:29100:37:30100:37:20200:36:46150:37:5010  0:37:04200:37:2240      
Becker, MichelleF30      0:46:0410    0:45:2910  0:46:2910                
Belland, ScottM40    0:47:2610            0:40:2110      0:40:49100:40:3310    
Bierling, Joel2PT50            0:44:3810      0:36:1315  0:36:1910  0:36:0515    
Bierling, Joel3PT50      0:39:1615  0:37:1120  0:37:0415                  
Bierling, Joel4PT15        0:45:2215                        
Bierling, JoelB5                                DNF5
Bierling, JoelM10  0:38:2510                              
Bierling, NealM100        0:46:21100:45:01100:45:27100:45:1110  0:44:58100:44:26100:44:14100:43:44100:43:5410    0:47:3610
Bloch, ChrisM40    0:38:43100:38:3710  0:38:42100:39:1710                    
Bonga, RogerM230    0:38:0110          0:36:0130  0:35:33300:35:3245  0:35:1250  0:36:28550:45:0210
Booth, ScottM10            0:44:2410                    
Boughner, LeeM55              0:38:1610    0:38:1510          0:39:2735
Boyle, JohnM10                0:39:0810                
Brasic, JonM50          0:43:41100:42:5010  0:43:40100:42:07100:42:4710            
Brichetto, FrankM1000:45:37100:47:41100:46:04100:44:4210      0:43:22100:43:42100:43:53100:43:25100:44:4310    0:44:4410    
Brown, DavidM100:56:5610                                
Brumbaugh, ErnieM10                  0:48:2710              
Bruxvoort, JimM100:53:2610                                
Bunn, FredM70            0:35:1645        0:36:1725          
Burd, JoyF95              0:51:32100:49:07100:47:44100:47:12100:47:22100:46:14100:47:16100:49:5510  0:54:1115
Burke, DarrenM10                        0:43:5510        
Burke, TomM185    0:31:2360          DNF5  0:30:5960          0:32:0960
Burrows, JoshM300:41:4810      0:43:5910        0:42:4410              
Buursma, Jacob2PT45                      0:48:23100:47:04101:01:23150:50:5010    
Buursma, John2PT45                      0:48:23100:47:04101:01:23150:50:5010    
Carpenter, JackM40    0:40:26100:38:14100:38:4210    0:38:1010                  
Carpenter-Rosa, KattieF30              0:39:0730                  
Carr, TroyM1100:43:25100:42:34100:42:30100:43:39100:42:5610    0:42:2010        0:43:23100:43:47100:42:15100:46:23100:48:4710
Cermak, Brian2PT15            0:35:2715                    
Cermak, BrianM800:37:47250:37:5020  0:38:06100:37:4410      0:37:4815                
Cermak, GabrielaF30        0:53:2910      0:49:22100:48:3010              
Chapman, ScottM2800:43:04200:46:0220V100:46:5020V100:44:17200:43:51200:43:3420  0:44:21200:43:57200:44:07200:43:11200:44:42200:43:1720V10V10
Cheadle, PhilM10                      0:46:2810          
Christensen, JerryM40    0:48:3610  0:47:1910  0:46:5110  0:47:2010                
Christensen, Nick2PT25  0:42:18150:52:1210                            
Christensen, Nick4PT15        0:45:2215                        
Christensen, NickFG150:41:1215                                
Christensen, NickM10      0:40:0210                          
Clark, ChelseaF35  0:45:4715                    0:43:2510  0:42:4710    
Cole, EricM40                          0:41:05100:42:2310  0:42:0320
Coleman, TammyF10                    0:44:1310            
Collins, KevinM10  0:40:2210                              
Converse, ChristianM40                      0:44:28100:41:43100:41:18100:40:5510    
Crankshaw, JohnM2400:41:5620V100:42:0120V100:41:2920V100:41:1920V10V10V100:41:4620  0:41:1320V10V200:42:0020V10
Crankshaw, JudyF165V100:43:5030V10  V100:42:5220V10  V10  V10  V10  V100:45:1425V10
Crysler, Doug M10      0:39:3410                          
Cusack, TimM10          0:40:0110                      
Cushman, Logan2PT15  0:42:1815                              
Cushman, LoganC250:44:2125                                
Dalman, BarbF10                            1:01:4410    
Daprato, DaveM60        0:39:0310    0:37:0515    0:40:2710  0:37:1015      0:44:1910
Deboer, DaveM1550:37:37300:36:4045          0:36:0935    0:37:48100:36:0235          
DeSatterlee, MarkM90        0:40:40100:39:3910  0:39:0510  0:37:5910      0:38:24200:39:13100:39:5420  
Dettman, MarcM3850:35:38550:36:5440  0:36:11350:36:30300:35:44400:36:3325    0:36:00300:36:12250:36:14300:36:1330  0:35:5435  V10
DeVries, CurtM40            0:49:32100:47:4110      0:47:21100:47:3910        
DeVries, DavidC40            0:48:51150:46:4525                  
DeYoung, PerryM50                      0:36:5910    0:35:4840    
Dillbeck, Daniel3PT15      0:39:1615                          
Dillbeck, DanielM60  0:42:57100:41:5110  0:41:4410          0:44:1910  0:44:17100:42:3710      
Dillbeck, DanielMFT45                            0:55:31150:59:32151:01:4315
Dillbeck, MichaelaMFT45                            0:55:31150:59:32151:01:4315
Doan, DennisM10              0:41:5010                  
Duggan, AmyF20        0:54:42100:53:2510                      
Duggan, JoshuaM15          0:42:1810      DNF5              
Duiven, GregM50  0:43:49100:46:2310  0:40:3810              0:40:2010  0:40:1510    
Durkee, Dave2PT25            0:44:3810        0:38:5915          
Durkee, Dave3PT30      0:39:1615      0:37:0415                  
Durkee, DaveM50V20  0:41:0910            0:38:2310            V10
Durkee, DaveMTN15                              0:48:1815  
Durkee, DaveV15                            0:39:4515    
Dyke, James M100      0:39:2110  0:40:22100:39:2410  0:38:27100:38:59100:37:28200:38:49200:38:1910        
Dykstra, ToddM10            0:40:4010                    
Everts, Kathy F35                0:38:5335                
Fox, PhilM10                      0:44:3910          
Freed, MichaelM30              0:40:4010    0:41:2810  0:41:0810        
Garbowitz, Dan M20                0:43:3110      0:41:0910        
Garrett, JaneF25          0:44:1725                      
Garrett, SarahF60        0:45:58100:44:5110  0:45:1610    0:45:3810        0:48:5320  
Gase, AlisonF600:50:3610      0:48:38100:47:1710        0:46:50100:46:2910  0:45:2710      
Gaunt, SusannaF70                  0:39:1235  0:38:5635          
Gerard, JacobM45                                0:38:4745
Gibson, JoelM50                    0:38:43100:38:3410      0:39:2830  
Goi, SimonaF30              0:42:0310        0:42:20100:43:3110      
Gordon, MichaelM30            0:43:4210          0:43:09100:50:0210      
Griffith, Aaron6PT5                        DNF5        
Griffith, AaronM55                  0:36:5710  0:36:1920    0:36:2325    
Grzanka, ChuckM215  0:36:32500:36:1430      0:36:01350:34:4255      0:37:12100:36:1035        
Gunnink, DeanM700:44:0410            0:40:3110  0:40:0910  0:40:4410      0:41:18150:42:1315
Guntern, ChrisM10          0:39:2510                      
Hamel, BethF30                  0:53:58100:55:3610      0:51:3810    
Hamel, Dennis2PT60                    0:36:13150:38:59150:36:1915  0:36:0515    
Hamel, Dennis3PT45      0:54:17100:37:30200:37:2515                      
Hamel, DennisM55V100:37:28250:37:3410            0:40:3610              
Hamel, Katie2PT10    0:52:1210                            
Hamel, Katie3PT10      0:54:1710                          
Hamel, KatieC1700:55:40200:53:0110    0:50:52250:53:21100:56:2410    0:51:57100:51:24200:57:00250:51:1720  0:53:4120    
Haney, AmyF3700:41:14300:42:34350:41:50300:40:5620DNF50:40:46300:40:11300:40:38100:40:09300:40:03250:39:51400:40:29250:40:21350:41:0525      
Haney, JeffM7350:34:43600:35:22550:35:05450:34:30450:34:58700:34:26550:34:18600:34:15600:34:01500:34:01600:34:11550:34:10600:34:1260        
Haney, JeffMTN15                          0:39:5115      
Haney, Marcus M30      0:46:14100:45:3810    0:44:5610                  
Hansen, Eric6PT5                        DNF5        
Hansen, EricM900:41:3810    0:42:3910  0:41:25100:40:50100:40:5710    0:41:01100:41:3510  0:41:29100:40:3110    
Hansen, HelenF800:48:52100:53:14100:51:01100:49:00100:48:01100:52:51100:48:01100:46:4810                  
Hansen, HelenMTN70                    0:56:09150:56:21150:54:11150:54:23100:54:5215    
Harmon, AndrewM100:46:5110                                
Harner, JoelM150          0:34:2850    0:34:0645              0:34:3855
Hatfield, JonathanM25                        0:39:49100:38:5415      
Havens, CherylF900:45:3415      0:42:25250:42:5315        0:41:3320    0:41:4615      
Havens, PaulM15                      0:36:2415          
Hekman, CalM1600:43:4920V100:44:3210V10  V100:43:1310V100:42:3210  0:42:0710V100:42:0710V100:41:5310V100:44:1410
Henderson, Kristin3PT15                                0:39:4915
Henderson, KristinF195  0:44:48250:43:39200:42:23100:43:13100:41:44300:43:08150:40:3210  0:40:3315  0:40:3720  0:41:49100:40:0530    
Hesche, KeithM30              0:43:01100:43:28100:42:3010              
Hodson, DaveM50  0:39:2710  0:39:33100:39:11100:38:3810                0:39:2410    
Hoeve, NicholasM70            0:43:3110  0:42:12100:41:5810  0:40:38100:40:51100:40:3910  0:42:1410  
Hollebeek, DirkM10                  0:37:0410              
Horne, Dave